Dance We Offer

Modern Jazz

  • Modern Jazz is a commercial style of dance. Our jazz classes offer routines that follow music video hits & age appropriate moves.
  • Advanced Jazz is the jazz class on offer for those students looking to pursue careers in the arts industry. In order to be eligible for our advance classes students must attend ballet, do most genres of dance & have a certain level of ability. 

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre comprises of three parts:

  • Acting: Characterisation skills, basic acting techniques, improvisation skills, listening/response games & monologue reading.
  • Singing: Vocal technique, breathing technique, difference between MT singing & contemporary, characterisation through vocals.
  • Dancing: Basic dance in the styles of music chosen, era of musical & so forth.


Our Tap classes consist of two styles:

  • Classic: This class focuses on the style of Gene Kelly & Fred Astair.
  • Street: This class focuses on the Tap Dogs style.

Hip Hop

  • Hip Hop is a broad category that includes a variety of urban & street styles.
  • Constantly evolving from the earlier styles of breaking, locking & popping. Hip Hop is a free, funky & soulful expression of movement used by many popular artists today.

Classical Ballet

  • Classical Ballet is a specific technique that gives you a full understanding of your body. The class which focuses on building strength, flexibility and core stability is recommend for dancers if they wish to pursue dance as a career.
  • Even if you are planning to focus on hip hop, jazz or tap – ballet training is essential to being a good dancer, especially if you plan to go professional. It provides the technique you need to flourish in all other dance styles. 



  • Lyrical combines the techniques of Jazz & Ballet.
  • Lyrical invites dancers to use their bodies to interpret the music.
  • Dancers gain fluidity of movement, grace and control.


Acrobatics is designed to go hand in hand with dance, acrobatics is similar to gymnastic, but we don’t use apparatus such as beams, bars and rings, we give students a variation of:

  • Flexibility: Bends & Splits.
  • Balancing: Single & Partner Work.
  • Floor Work: Cartwheels, Walk-Overs, Flips & Aerials.


  • Contemporary dance is a fusion of classical ballet & jazz dance techniques.
  • It explores the emotions of dance & uses motion to interpret music & lyrics. 
  • Choreography usually tells a story or portrays a theme and can rely greatly on the contribution of the dancers themselves.

Dance Abilities

Boosting Confidence & Social Skills.

Dance aids with body awareness or a comfort with understanding of one’s abilities. Dance also helps with confidence and social skills. Interacting with others of like needs, in a non-judgmental setting, with a trained and patient instructor, enhances and encourages both social integration and confidence. On a more artistic note, dance allows creative expression, both individually and in a group setting, encourages exercise, and promotes healthier living. An argument can be made that dance stimulates the intellect and learning as well.

Throughout the class we incorporate dance steps to help cross-body movement, co-ordination, rhythm and musicality also assists in learning to concentrate, take turns, co-ordinate several body parts at the same time and counting music.

Keeping the class fun and enjoyable I like to finish of my class with a reward for their hard work. This involves sometimes a game or stickers!

Ready Set Dance

READY SET DANCE is a one hour combo class that includes jazz, tap, hip hop, singing, music and a whole lot of FUN for girls and boys.

Our studio is proud to be an official READY SET DANCE location. READY SET DANCE was the winner of the award for Best National Activity for preschoolers in 2018.

The program focuses on developing the 3 C’s for preschoolers.